Being Good Math Teacher.

In every monday, I teach math in Grade 10th of 2.
Last week, I asked two students went out from my class because they kept talking when I try to explain the material in front of class.
After 5 minutes, they came back, and the female student said sorry to me.

And, today, she is more calm than last week. However, there are some female pupils keep talking when I am writing some math problems in front of class. I try to be more patient today, so I do not reprimand them at first. A few times, some their friends start to warn them to not make noisy. I think it disturbs them.

I keep writing at that time until one of them laugh loudly. Then, I criticize them by, “I feel guilty to your friend whom I asked to go out last week just because she keep talking, and it was a little bit. And all you keep talking and do not feel ashamed at all? Why all you do not feel ashamed to her with your noisy?”

After that they concentrate to do their work.

I know that I am little bit strict teacher. But I believe that doing math needs more attention and concentration. I want them understanding the material, vector, reasoning math, and applying the concept to solve similar problems.